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"The Goldman, as I call him, constantly amazes me with his ability to understand the problem at hand, productively brainstorm and blow me away with insights. James is a master at moving beyond his field of expertise and bridging the gaps of content, strategy and user experience."

- Norville Parchment VP, Experience Design -at Rauxa

"James joined our team at the onset of one of our largest, time boxed global projects, and brought with him a passionate perspective to the world of content marketing. His command of the landscape and best practices in editorial practices and governance is impressive, and his dedication to continuous learning and evolution in the space is truly admirable. I'm happy to recommend James as a leader in the content marketing space." - Sarah Murgel, VP of User Experience at Razorfish


"James demonstrates a strategic approach to content planning and marketing that not only is focused on a brand's digital properties, but how to plan, create, organize, distribute and measure content across the entire spectrum of channels today. He has built processes around content organization and content measurement models that can are applicable for businesses and brands both large and small." - Chris Bowler, EVP of Social at Razorfish


"I thought I was well versed in content marketing until I started working with James.... His command of information management, structured content, and the technical capabilities of various platforms is impressive. His enthusiasm and energy is contagious. He's an all-around great team member to collaborate alongside." - Kristin Marlow VP of Client Services at Razorfish

"Let me start off by saying that James is a truly great asset for any creative project. Not only does he bring a wealth of information about content strategy, SEO best practices and practical advice; James brings much needed levity to an often dull conversation. I worked closely with James on several projects, most recently the transition for, and I can say his insights on content management challenges were prescient to say the least. I look forward to working with him on projects in the future" - Stephen Szermer, Associate Creative Director at Razorfish
“James has worked with Hot Studio and our clients for more than 2 years. He understands how to manage a complex content project more than anyone else I know. He’s overseen several CMS implementations. Excel is his BFF. He has the patience of a saint. He’s led several clients through the content production process, leaving them with a robust site experience and deep understanding of how to manage their content moving forward. Yay James!"— Margot Merrill Fernandez Content Strategy Manager at Facebook

“I have worked with James on multiple projects and he always brings something new and interesting to the conversation that really gives our clients something to think about. He is great presenter, keen strategist and excellent communicator. He always brings value to any project and on top of it all, is a pleasure to work with. A real stand out talent.” — Allison Yardeni VP Account Services at Rauxa


“James lives and breathes content and strategy they way most people live and breathe air. I’ve had the pleasure of working with James very closely over a few years time and he constantly pushes himself and others to produce the very best work. James is able to span the gap from content strategy to experience strategy by consistently giving great recommendations for UX and Creative decisions. James is a great team member and wing man whether you’re presenting to a client or working on an important project” Jason Bedient Associate Director of Experience Design at Rauxa


“As an Agile Coach I had the opportunity to work with James when he was a product owner at Littler. James and I worked closely together during the project inception phase of a SharePoint implementation for a document workflow system for the law firm. We worked together on release planning, story mapping sessions, iteration planning and the defining of the personas of the product’s users. 

James is an exceptional product owner. He intuitively understands Agile processes and he was great to collaborate with on the project. He had a mastery of the domain and so he was able to create effective story cards for the team. He also worked well with the development team in prioritizing their work and providing details on story cards through consistent collaboration with them. 

After having the opportunity to work with James I can highly recommend him as an Agile Product Owner or, now that he has his CSM certification, as an Iteration Manager/Scrum Master”  —
Tom Looy Agile Leader at GE Software


James was the go-to man for all marketing programs with Jadugar customers as well as handling market research for clients. James would take over from the other Jadagar consultants as a technical project neared launch. He has very effective program management and communications skills making him an ideal candidate for any program/project management or marketing roles. -  Raza ZaidiDigital Music & Video Products