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Creating a unifying experience

The Oracle Marketing Cloud (OMC) is the flagship cloud services provider in the Oracle family. It had experienced exponential growth over the last two years and needed a digital web presence that conveyed their market dominance and unite a diverse offering. In addition to reacting to this high growth period, the team wanted to put itself in a position where its content production efforts efficiently scaled and lead both the organization and its customers to be market leading innovators.


  • By creating a sitemap that generated a holistic clarity around their offering and the flexibility to grow as the offering grew, we were able to inform customer focused UX design. 

  • By clearly mapping the content needs of the organization at a corporate and divisional level to the needs of the customer along the various stages of the buying journey, we were able to create a web experience that allowed the OMC team to easily adjust content to fit the ever changing needs of their customers. 

  • OMC is in a unique position. They had access to a marketing and digital infrastructure that is far beyond most companies and their competition. However, the division was largely the product of some strategic acquisitions. Their organization and their marketing infrastructure was still going through a maturation process. By focusing on structured reusable content, we helped position their content , their interface and their authoring experience for the needs of a mature digital marketing organization.